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Policy for Registration in BMEn 8000-Level Courses

The purpose of 8000-level classes is to provide graduate students with a more advanced educational opportunity. Therefore, we generally do not allow undergraduates to enroll in these courses. However, under certain circumstances, described below, undergraduate BME students may be allowed to take these courses.

  1. Students must have completed the 4000- or 5000-level prerequisite course listed below and received a grade of 'A,' AND must have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher.

  2. Alternatively, students must have a 3.9 cumulative GPA by the end of the junior year AND an A in the stated 3000-level BMEn course (in parentheses), provided they have NOT also taken the relevant 4000-/5000-level course because doing so was absolutely precluded by course scheduling.

Students meeting one of these two requirements will be permitted to register using the BMEn 4720 Directed Study designator for the same number of credits as the BMEn 8000-level course.

Relevant Prerequisites - FALL

BMEn 8101 - Biomedical Digital Signal Processing
Instructor: H. Lim
Prereq: EE 4541 - Digital Signal Processing (BMEn 3401)

BMEn 8431 - Controlled Release: Materials, Mechanisms, and Models
*NOTE: This course is not being offered Fall 2011*
Instructors: R. Siegel, C. Wang
Prereq: BMEn 5311 - Advanced Biomedical Transport Processes (BMEn 3101)

BMEn 8501 - Nonlinear Dynamics in Electrophysiology
Instructor: A. Talkachova
Prereq: MATH 4242 - Applied Linear Algebra

BMEn 8502 - Physiological Control Systems
Instructor: M. Johnson
Prereq: ME 5281 - Analog and Digital Control (BMEn 3401)

Relevant Prerequisites - SPRING

BMEn 8001 - Polymeric Biomaterials
Instructor: C. Wang
Prereq: BMEn 5001 - Advanced Biomaterials (BMEn 3301)

BMEn 8201 - Advanced Tissue Mechanics
Instructor: P. Alford
Prereq: BMEn 5201 - Advanced Biomechanics (BMEn 3001)

BMEn 8301 - Functional Biomedical Imaging
Instructor: B. He
Prereq: BMEn 5401 - Advanced Biomedical Imaging (BMEn 3201)

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