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Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Bioinstrumentation and Medical Devices

Department Faculty

Shai Ashkenazi
Biomedical Engineering
Bioimaging, instrumentation
Matt Johnson
Biomedical Engineering
Neuromodulation mechanisms and technology
Hubert Lim
Biomedical Engineering
Neural prostheses, auditory neuroscience, neural plasticity
Alena Talkachova
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac imaging, numerical modeling
David Wood
Biomedical Engineering
Microfluidics, bioMEMS, disease-on-a-chip, diagnostics
Zhi Yang
Biomedical Engineering
Advanced neurotechnologies for stimulation, recording, and processing

Faculty with Graduate Education Responsibilities

Michael Bowser
Bioanalysis, microfluidics, neurochemistry, in vitro selection
Henry Buchwald
Oxygen transport, hyperlipidemia management, obesity management, atherogenesis mechanisms, tumor growth modification, implantable infusion pump technology
Tianhong Cui
Mechanical Engineering
MEMS/NEMS, micro- and nanomanufacturing, flexible electronics
Afshin Divani
Cerebrovascular diseases and stroke, spinal cord injury, endovascular/implantable devices, medical signal and image processing, traumatic brain injury
Kevin Dorfman
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Microfluidic electrophoresis of DNA and other biomolecules, biophysics of structured nucleic acids
Will Durfee
Mechanical Engineering
Biomechanics and neuromuscular physiology of human movement, electrical stimulation of paralyzed muscles to return function to the spinal cord injured, product design
Art Erdman
Mechanical Engineering
Medical device and product design, MEMS devices in medicine
Bruce Hammer
Biotechnology, MR safety/compatability of medical devices, industrial process monitoring
Allison Hubel
Mechanical Engineering
Culture and cryopreservation of cell therapies, immunotherapies and regenerative medicine products
Paul Iaizzo
Skeletal and cardiac muscle physiology, pathophysiology of inherited muscle disorders, human thermoregulation and biomedical correlates of wound prevention
Suhasa Kodandaramaiah
Mechanical Engineering
Instrumentation and technologies for cellular resolution neural interfacing
Steven Koester
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Micro- and nanoelectronics, optoelectronic devices, photovoltaics, energy harvesting, biomedical devices
Timothy Kowalewski
Mechanical Engineering
Medical robotics and devices
Michael McAlpine
Mechanical Engineering
3D printing functional materials & devices; advanced manufacturing; nanoscale inks; biomedical; bioelectronics
Sang-Hyun Oh
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nanoscale biosensors, nanostructured solar cells, surface plasmon resonance, microfluidics
Rajesh Rajamani
Mechanical Engineering
MEMS sensors, biomedical devices, battery-less wireless sensing applications
Ephraim Sparrow
Mechanical Engineering
Heat transfer and fluid mechanics
Gerald Timm
Urologic Surgery
Technological solutions to urologic disease, disorders of the pelvic viscera, diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontincence and sexual dysfunction


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