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Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Biomolecular, Cellular, and Tissue Engineering

Department Faculty

Patrick Alford
Biomedical Engineering
Soft tissue biomechanics, tissue engineering, traumatic injury, morphogenesis
Victor Barocas
Biomedical Engineering
Soft tissue biomechanics, biotransport
John Bischof
Mechanical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering
Bioheat and mass transfer, thermophysics and biophysics, thermal injury, cryopreservation
David Odde
Biomedical Engineering
Cellular and molecular bioengineering in cancer and neurodegeneration
Brenda Ogle
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular tissue engineering, stem cell bioengineering, cell-matrix interactions, microfluidic cytometry
Paolo Provenzano
Biomedical Engineering
Cancer bioengineering and quantitative cancer biology, mechanotransduction, advanced biophotonics
Jonathan Sachs
Biomedical Engineering
Computational molecular modeling, experimental biophysics
Casim Sarkar
Biomedical Engineering
Biomolecular engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology
Wei Shen
Biomedical Engineering
Biomaterials, cellular microenvironments, cell-environment interactions, biomolecular engineering
Bob Tranquillo
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular tissue engineering
Chun Wang
Biomedical Engineering
Biologically guided engineering of polymeric biomaterials
David Wood
Biomedical Engineering
Microfluidics, bioMEMS, disease-on-a-chip, diagnostics

Faculty with Graduate Education Responsibilities

Alptekin Aksan
Mechanical Engineering
Biostabilization and biopreservation
Conrado Aparicio
Restorative Sciences
Biomaterials, biomolecules at surfaces and interfaces, biomineralization, regeneration of hard tissues, biomimetic systems, biofilms and antimicrobials
Edgar Arriaga
Characterization of subcellular environments, single cell studies, BioMEMS
Samira Azarin
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Stem cell engineering, biomaterial systems to study and control cancer progression and metastasis
Michael Bowser
Bioanalysis, microfluidics, neurochemistry, iIn vitro selection
Henry Buchwald
Oxygen transport, hyperlipidemia management, obesity management, atherogenesis mechanisms, tumor growth modification, implantable infusion pump technology
Kevin Dorfman
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Microfluidic electrophoresis of DNA and other biomolecules, biophysics of structured nucleic acids
Melissa Gardner
Genetics, Cell Biology & Development
Computational biology, quantitative fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule TIRF microscopy, genetics
Benjamin Hackel
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Molecular imaging, engineering proteins, tumor targeting
Wei-Shou Hu
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Cell culture technology, tissue engineering, metabolic engineering
Allison Hubel
Mechanical Engineering
Culture and cryopreservation of cell therapies, immunotherapies and regenerative medicine products
Efrosini Kokkoli
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Targeted drug delivery, biomimetic approaches to biomaterials design
GW Gant Luxton
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
Molecular mechanisms of cellular mechanosensing and mechanotransduction during cell migration and differentiation
Louis Mansky
Diagnostic and Biological Sciences
Virus nanoparticles and particle assembly; live-cell, single molecule fluorescence microscopy; cryoelectron microscopy/tomography
Michael McAlpine
Mechanical Engineering
3D printing functional materials & devices; advanced manufacturing; nanoscale inks; biomedical; bioelectronics
Hans Othmer
Cell mechanics and motility, developmental biology, dynamical systems, mathematical biology
Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari
Lung tissue bioengineering, therapies for post-transplant lung injury, lung disease
Osha Roopnarine
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Spectroscopic and functional studies of myosin mutations that cause heart disease
Daniel Schmidt
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
Invention and application of protein-based technologies to study and engineer living systems at a cellular level
Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
Designing bio-mimetic interfaces using DNA nanotechnology scaffolds; protein engineering approaches to dissect cell signaling
David Thomas
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Molecular dynamics of energy transduction in muscle using site-directed spectroscopic probes


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