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Taner Akkin

Taner Akkin








Biomedical Optics and Imaging

Dr. Akkin's research interests lie in the development of interferometric techniques to image depth-resolved tissue micro-structures and function. Non-invasive or minimally invasive applications in medicine are possible, since the techniques use back-scattered light.

Transient structural changes during neural activity are directly related to the action potential propagation. Non-contact optical measurement of these fast (~1 millisecond) and small (~1 nanometer) changes has been recently reported by using differential phase contrast optical coherence tomography. The measurements do not require exogenous chemicals or reflection coatings that may harm the nerve. The optical method can also produce cross-sectional images to select a particular region of neural tissue for functional interrogation. The objective of this research is to elucidate the origin of the transient structural changes and its contributions to the optical signals of neural activity. Successful development of an optical measure may yield a non-contact diagnostic toll in the future.

Sub-nanometer resolution obtained by differential phase techniques allows quantitative phase-contrast microscopy in reflection geometry. Dynamic processes in the cell can be observed for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Investigation of cellular and sub-cellular level events is crucial not only in tissue-drug interactions but also in certain abnormalities. For example, the nucleus is enlarged and becomes dense in cancer cells. In this case the quantitative phase microscope would detect early changes in cellular morphology with enhanced lateral and longitudinal resolution.

Optical coherence tomography, which uses amplitude of the interference, has been extensively applied to non-invasive structural imaging in ophthalmology and dermatology. Currently, real-time images of tissue microstructures can be acquired with 2-10 micrometer axial resolution. In this field, the focus of our Biomedical Optics Laboratory will be development of custom made systems for disease-oriented applications.

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