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Engineering and Science Electives (ESE's)


Students must complete a minimum of 27 credits of Engineering and Science Electives (ESE’s) in one of the Emphasis Areas offered by the department. Specifically:

Additional requirements and guidelines are available in the ESE Planning Policy (PDF).

Final Approval

In order for the ESE's to count toward a student's degree, the following steps must be completed:

  1. The student proposes a set of ESE's by completing the ESE Planning Worksheet (or the Pre-Med ESE Planning Worksheet). Students enrolled in the Combined Degree Program must complete the Combined BBmE/MS ESE Planning Worksheet.

  2. The worksheet is approved by the appropriate Emphasis Area Advisor.

  3. The worksheet is approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

  4. A copy of the worksheet is forwarded to the College of Science and Engineering so that the electives can be entered onto the student's APAS report.

  5. The student completes the electives as listed on the approved worksheet and on the APAS report.

IMPORTANT: If a student submits a worksheet and then decides to take one or more electives that are not listed on it, s/he must complete steps 1 through 5 again. Failure to submit a new worksheet will result in an inaccurate APAS report, which can severely delay or even prevent graduation from the program.

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