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Co-Op Program

The department has initiated a Co-Op Program to allow qualified students to gain relevant, full-time industrial experience while earning academic credits that count toward the Engineering and Science Electives.

Students are admitted to the Co-Op Program after their junior year, work full-time on industrial assignment for one academic year, and then return to campus to complete the senior curriculum. It will therefore normally require 5 years for Co-Op students to complete the B.Bm.E. degree.

Eligibility Criteria

Application Process

For Preliminary Approval

  1. Complete the top portion of the Co-Op Application Form and submit it to the Undergraduate Program Assistant and Advisor (7-105 Hasselmo Hall, by no later than February 1.

  2. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria listed above will be given preliminary approval to participate in the Co-Op Program.

For Final Approval

  1. Begin the job search. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the services provided by the Career Center for Science and Engineering. Students who cannot find appropriate employment will not be admitted to the Co-Op Program.

  2. Upon securing an offer of full-time industrial employment, have the immediate company supervisor sign the Memorandum of Agreement. Submit the signed Memorandum to the Undergraduate Program Assistant and Advisor (7-105 Hasselmo Hall,

  3. International students must secure Curricular Practical Training approval from the International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS). Contact 612-626-7100 for more information.

  4. Work with the immediate company supervisor to draft a Work Plan. The Work Plan is a 1- to 2-page non-proprietary description of the primary project comprising the industrial assignment. It must state the planned technical and engineering aspects of the work and the planned learning experiences. It must also provide complete contact information for the immediate company supervisor.

  5. Submit the Work Plan to the Undergraduate Program Assistant and Advisor (7-105 Hasselmo Hall, as early as possible, but by no later than the first day of employment at the company.

If all required materials are received and the Work Plan is approved, the student will be admitted to the Co-Op Program and will receive permission to register for Industrial Assignment credits.

Registration Requirements

Students admitted to the Co-Op Program should register for the following courses:

Because the Co-Op program is based on full-time employment, students should not take other University classes without their employer's approval.

Questions about how the Co-Op Program will affect student status, financial aid, etc., should be directed to the Undergraduate Program Assistant and Advisor (

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