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Biomedical Optics and Imaging

Department Faculty

Taner Akkin
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical optics and imaging
Shai Ashkenazi
Biomedical Engineering
Bioimaging, instrumentation
Tay Netoff
Biomedical Engineering
Study of epilepsy, in vitro calcium imaging of seizures
Alexander Opitz
Biomedical Engineering
Neural engineering, neuromodulation, computational modeling, neurophysiology, biomedical imaging
Paolo Provenzano
Biomedical Engineering
Cancer bioengineering and quantitative cancer biology, mechanotransduction, advanced biophotonics
Alena Talkachova
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac imaging, numerical modeling

Faculty with Graduate Education Responsibilities

Patrick Bolan
MRI/MRS techniques forĀ  cancer detection and therapy response
Wei Chen
Study of brain metabolism and function using magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and imaging (MRI) technologies
Afshin Divani
Cerebrovascular diseases and stroke, spinal cord injury, endovascular/implantable devices, medical signal and image processing, traumatic brain injury
Emad Ebbini
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ultrasonic signal processing, image-guided therapeutic systems, real-time 3D ultrasonic imaging, diffraction tomography and inverse problems, phased-array pattern synthesis, imaging through inhomogeneities
Timothy Ebner
Cerebellum and motor cortex control of limb movements, optical imaging of the brain
Melissa Gardner
Genetics, Cell Biology & Development
Computational biology, quantitative fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule TIRF microscopy, genetics
Michael Garwood
Non-invasive nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and imaging (MRI) methodologies for cancer research
Benjamin Hackel
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Molecular imaging, engineering proteins, tumor targeting
Bruce Hammer
Biotechnology, MR safety/compatability of medical devices, industrial process monitoring
Noam Harel
High-resolution brain imaging for clinical application; integration of 7T neuroimaging data into DBS surgical navigation; high-resolution mapping of brain activity using MR methods at ultra high magnetic fields; high-resolution, high-specificity fMRI applications; visualization techniques for imaging brain microvasculature
Kendrick Kay*
Data-, methods-, and model-driven approach to functional magnetic resonance imaging of sensory and cognitive information processing in the brain
Suhasa Kodandaramaiah
Mechanical Engineering
Instrumentation and technologies for cellular resolution neural interfacing
Wynn Legon
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Transcranial focused ultrasound for non-surgical neuromodulation
Christophe Lenglet
Kelvin Lim
Neuroimaging and neuromodulation; novel treatments for psychiatric disorders
Louis Mansky
Diagnostic and Biological Sciences
Virus nanoparticles and particle assembly; live-cell, single molecule fluorescence microscopy; cryoelectron microscopy/tomography
Greg Metzger
Prostate cancer, ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging
Joachim Mueller
Experimental biophysics, two-photon excitation microscopy, fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
David Thomas
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Molecular dynamics of energy transduction in muscle using site-directed spectroscopic probes
Kamil Ugurbil
Development of ultrahigh field magnetic resonance methodology for MR imaging and spectroscopy
Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele
Medical imaging
Xiaoping Wu
Ultrahigh resolution whole brain MRI (e.g., anatomic, diffusion and functional); human connectomics; radiofrequency design and safety


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