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Cardiovascular Engineering

Department Faculty

Victor Barocas
Biomedical Engineering
Soft tissue biomechanics, biotransport
Brenda Ogle
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular tissue engineering, stem cell bioengineering, cell-matrix interactions, microfluidic cytometry
Alena Talkachova
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac imaging, numerical modeling
Bob Tranquillo
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular tissue engineering

Faculty with Graduate Education Responsibilities

Alan Bank
Arterial elastic mechanics, biomechanics of atherosclerotic plaque rupture, congestive heart failure, endothelial function
Filippo Coletti
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Bio-fluid mechanics, respiratory and cardiovascular flows, particle transport, flow imaging
John Foker
Myocardial metabolism and its relation to cardiac function, energy metabolism and ischemia
Paul Iaizzo
Skeletal and cardiac muscle physiology, pathophysiology of inherited muscle disorders, human thermoregulation and biomedical correlates of wound prevention


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