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Cancer Bioengineering

Department Faculty

John Bischof
Mechanical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering
Bioheat and mass transfer, thermophysics and biophysics, thermal injury, cryopreservation
David Odde
Biomedical Engineering
Cellular and molecular bioengineering in cancer and neurodegeneration
Brenda Ogle
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular tissue engineering, stem cell bioengineering, cell-matrix interactions, microfluidic cytometry
Paolo Provenzano
Biomedical Engineering
Cancer bioengineering and quantitative cancer biology, mechanotransduction, advanced biophotonics
Casim Sarkar
Biomedical Engineering
Biomolecular engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology
David Wood
Biomedical Engineering
Microfluidics, bioMEMS, disease-on-a-chip, diagnostics

Faculty with Graduate Education Responsibilities

Edgar Arriaga
Characterization of subcellular environments, single cell studies, BioMEMS
Samira Azarin
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Stem cell engineering, biomaterial systems to study and control cancer progression and metastasis
Patrick Bolan
MRI/MRS techniques forĀ  cancer detection and therapy response
Benjamin Hackel
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Molecular imaging, engineering proteins, tumor targeting
Efrosini Kokkoli
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Targeted drug delivery, biomimetic approaches to biomaterials design
Louis Mansky
Diagnostic and Biological Sciences
Virus nanoparticles and particle assembly; live-cell, single molecule fluorescence microscopy; cryoelectron microscopy/tomography
Greg Metzger
Prostate cancer, ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging
Hans Othmer
Cell mechanics and motility, developmental biology, dynamical systems, mathematical biology


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