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Free Science/Technical Electives

Certain courses are only approved for the Free Elective and cannot be counted as Technical, Math, or Biology Electives:

BMEn 8402 - New Product Design and Business Development II (4 cr)
MILI 5589 - Medical Technology Evaluation (2 cr)
MOT 5001 - Technological Business Fundamentals (2 cr)
MOT 5002 - Creating Technological Innovation (2 cr)
MOT 5003 - Technological Business Planning Workshop (1 cr)
MOT 5005 - Building Innovative Organizations (2 cr)
PDes 5701 - Creativity, Idea Generation, and Innovation (3 cr)
PDes 5702 - Concept Sketching and Rendering (3 cr)
Phys 5401 - Physiological Physics (4 cr)
PubH 6161 - Regulatory Toxicology (2 cr)

In addition to the courses listed above, students may choose graduate-level coursework from any field of science or engineering to satisfy the Free Elective requirement.

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